“We knew creatives had similar challenges. All they needed was a safe place for them to talk openly, collaborate and come up with solutions.”

NEXUS was the idea of the founding team behind the creative agency Cellar Door, which was established on the principle that brands that lead culture are more successful than those that follow it. 

We were often approached by  peers that often had the same challenges around winning new business, hiring talent, managing projects, access to funding and the rollercoaster that is earning a living in the creative industries. In light of this we wanted to create a community where, together, creatives could get the advice and support they needed to solve these challenges and realise their full potential.

The very first NEXUS physical co-working site was opened in 2019.

Creatives got together to experience first-hand the power of working and hanging out with other like-minded people and hearing from leading industry experts. Since then, the community has grown considerably with members around the world. As NEXUS has grown, so has the power and impact of the peer support that the collective provides.

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